How To Get Your Trunk Looking Great Without Refinishing It

Although it is good practice to re-varnish your tack trunk every couple of years you can keep it looking nice by following these easy steps to have it looking show ready in 20 minutes!

What You Need

- A high grit sand sponge LIKE THIS
- A oil based cleaner (I recommend Orange Oil, Howard Feed-N-Wax, or Liquid Gold)
- A furniture pen LIKE THIS
- Furniture putty LIKE THIS
- An old rag

Step #1
Survey the damage. Take note of any gouges or scratches.

Step #2
Remove contents from the trunk. You will need a completely empty trunk to do this properly.

Step #3
Coat trunk in the oil based cleaner of your choice. My favorite is Liquid Gold and it will really make your trunks finish pop. 

Step #4
Take the sand sponge and lightly sand inside and out in circular motion. I recommend the highest grit possible so as to not scratch your existing finish. Be sure to test a small area by wiping clean to be sure that your finish is not damaged. Pay close attention to rough areas that may have additional wear. You can use a lower grit to smooth out those areas.

Step #5
Use a matching stain pen to fix any scratches and gouges. I find the best results when i use the pen and wipe it 20 seconds later (do not let it dry all the way. 

Step #6
If you have any large dings or gouges you can use a matching color wood putty to fill those in.

Step #7
Re-spray and wipe down your trunk. Let it dry in the sun for a short while before sitting on it or moving it.