Unfinished "A Circuit" Tack Trunk

Unfinished "A Circuit" Tack Trunk

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The Original "A Circuit" trunk is our most useful and popular trunk option for the multiple horse owner and frequent exhibitor. It's smaller size makes it the perfect second, or even third trunk.

Constructed from grade A cabinet poplar and birch and assembled with a combination of nails and screws for superior strength. Can easily be carried with little or no assistance (depending on contents of course)! All "A Circuit" Trunks are constructed from the same design but may vary in grain texture or construction because they are made by hand.

Exterior Measurements - 28" Long x 16" Tall x 16" Deep.

Weight - Approx 23lb empty

 * All Dimensions are approximate

Every Original "A Circuit" Trunk comes with the front bandage lid and sliding tray. Hardware and other add on's are optional. Arrives ready for you to finish your way!

    Trunk Hardware Options

    • Chrome (Includes piano hinge, spring loaded handles, marine hasp, and inner support hinge) + $90.00
    • Brass (Includes piano hinge, spring loaded handles, marine hasp, and inner support hinge) + $90.00

    Other Add Ons

    • Nameplate (nameplate ordered will match hardware color choice) + $40.00
    • Casters (set of 4 two inch multi-directional wheels) + $60.00
    • Grooming Tote + $60.00

    Font Options

    Nameplate Font Options

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    $85 shipping to Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

    Please note this item is not eligible for returns as it is a custom good. Please see our terms and conditions page for more information on our returns and exchange policies.

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